Vehicle Wrap Services

Vehicle wraps and graphics are one of the most cost efficient forms of advertising here in Niagara and they’re seen by thousands of people daily over several years. To illustrate just how cost efficient it is, the Outdoor Advertising Association estimated that consumers spend more than 70 percent of their waking hours outside of the home, and on average, more than 18 hours per week in a vehicle. That means the cost per 1000 impressions would be only .90 cents in an urban market. If we compare this to a traditional newspaper ad seen only once, you’re cost would be about $20.00 per 1000 impressions. Not only is the cost per impression incredibly low but with our help we can also do custom designs to help maintain branding consistency, and give your new moving billboard that extra pop it needs to jump.

We use premium high quality 3M 1080 series materials & Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films. Both of which also have their own warranty to them.

Vehicle Wrap Types Graphic - Just Decals, Half Wrap, Full Wrap


We consider Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films and 3M’s 1080 series vehicle wrap film as being the best wrap vinyls in the business. Both Films are available in a variety of colours, texturesand finishes to create a custom look for your car. Choose from matte, gloss, satin, brushed metal and distinctive striped carbon fiber finishes. Matte and gloss finishes are available in over 90 colours.

Every job is different so for some colours and specific jobs we recommend one brand over the other to take advantage of the different characteristics.

Product Details and Warranty

  • 3.5 Mil Cast Wrap Film with Long-term, Grey, Removable, Repositionable, Pressure Activated Adhesive with Non-visible Air Release Channels
  • Colours: 7 years expected outdoor performance, 3 years vertical and 1 year horizontal warranty period
  • Gloss colors can sometimes have a haze/blotchiness/mottling that can usually be eliminated with heat
  • Patterns/textures: 5 years expected outdoor performance, 3 years vertical and 1 year horizontal warranty period
  • Available in 60″ width, allowing most vehicles to be wrapped without seams
  • Invisible air release channels ensure fast and easy virtually bubble-free applications
  • No overlaminate required
  • 3M and Avery were formulated to withstand temperatures between -60c and +100c.