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Gary Dahl…. $16,000,000

Not a lot of people know Gary Dahl, but almost everyone knows his story. It can be summed up in 2 words. Gary Dahl was and advertising executive from Los Gatos, California. One night his friend and him were sitting in a bar, amongst the drinking and food, came the complaining of the bills, costs of food, and amount of time that there pets take up.

Amongst that conversation they joked and teased about how great it would be to just have a “Pet” Rock. They would no longer have anything to complain about. And although they had been joking that night, the next morning Gary couldn’t let the idea go. Shortly after he drafted up an instruction manual on how to take care of this “Pet” Rock. It was full of puns and play on words, and so….The “Pet” Rock was born.


He did everything to the finest detail, even right down to the boxing which had to print, then had holes punched in it, and came with hay for the pet rock to rest on. (As seen above)

Now he only ran this on the market for 6 months, as it was nothing more then a fad, this fad brought him in 16 Million plus.

The reason I tell this tale, is because brand recognition is of the utmost importance, down to the finest detail. When you want to grab your product, nay, your dream, and you want someone to buy into it, and share the experience with the product, everything needs to be made to what your customer would envision experiencing.

For example, if I say “Mercedes”. You would probably think Luxury as your first word. Do you think for a second when you hop into one of there cars you experience anything less, if not more then what they intend for you to experience. No key ignition, parallel park itself, collision recognition for brakes, heated seats, built in phone, gps, internet, automatic windows on all 4 windows, those special windows that make it so they don’t frost, it is an experience of luxury, down to the finest detail.

You need to to create a brand so that the same key word of your choice, whether it be, Customer Service, Luxury, Rich, what ever you choose to be brand recognized as, that it is pouring out all facets of your business including your print. To create a full and fruitful experience for your customers.

Lot’s of people skip there print items, like packaging, invoicing, billing, envelopes, letterheads, even there business cards. Everything should have the feel, that you want the customer to experience.