Why Introverts Now Rule the World

       There has always been a lot of discussion about being a leader, what to do as a leader, even what makes great leaders……great.

20th century Americans were bottle-fed on the importance of needing to “prove themselves.” Extroverts, with their brash and gregarious manner, were the golden children. They excelled as intense, borderline manic individuals showcasing their charm and charisma, Wolf of Wall Street-style. Loud, proud, and ready to get things done, it was their time to shine.

As you can imagine, introverts weren’t too thrilled. However, just as Mufasa predicted in The Lion King, the sun has set on their time, and is now rising with introverts as the new kings.

It’s time to bow before the introverts reading in the corner. Why? – Full Article by Larry Kim

A simple reminder of the personality differences and how they come into play in the work space. Always good to re-draw focus on information, keeps it nice and fresh in your mind.


Wrap Print – Make Them Aware

Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.
-Seth Godin


Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker. He is right with his statement above though, marketing is a competition, and if someone else is going to yell louder then you, then you will not be heard.

Now we have this local Pizza Pizza PT Cruiser that is wrapped like a pizza. This thing is covered with peperoni and cheese as the background for the entire car. Then smothered with Pizza Pizza advertisements on it. It is the most horrendous looking vehicle on the road. The thing looks absolutely awful, but I’ll tell you this, I’d be damned if everyone on the road doesn’t turn their heads when that Pt Cruiser is flying by.

Personally, I would hate to be caught in it, but it’s what Seth Godin would call a “Purple Cow”. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the vehicle looks, it is SO different from anything else on the road that you can’t miss it. It screams pay attention to me.

Wrapping your vehicle is one of the best ways to grab attention, but it requires a very clear vision as to what you wish to accomplish with the wrap. Is it to raise awareness? Maybe you’re launching a new product and want to get the word out, or perhaps your offering a new service.


No matter the goal and the vision, here are some things to take into consideration

  • Set aside a marketing budget. Set a budget for what you want to spend before you even contact a printing company to make your advertisement. Keep in mind you have lots of options, you can go half-way with a $500 perforated graphic on your rear window, so everyone behind you knows who you are, but you still get to see out the back window, or for fuller, higher-quality coverage, prepare to spend $3,000 or more if you want the full vehicle wrapped.
  • Find your target audience. Keep in mind where you commute and what time you commute, or how often the vehicle is going to end up in a certain end of town, to maximize your advertisement. For Example, consider marketing your product to teens if you find yourself driving by high schools earling in the morning on your way to work.
  • Plan a commute that better targets your market. If you need to take different road that extends your travel by 5 minutes, but lets you drive through an entire zone that’s filled with your target market, be pro-active and do it. You will already stand out with your wrap, you’ll also be new in that area, and will draw greater attention.
  • Design the right car wrap. Now this is no easy task, and unless you have designed vehicle decals in the past, I suggest you leave this part to the veterans. They will have all the proper templates and measurements for every nook and cranny of your vehicles make and model. Here at Econoprint, we even take pictures of your vehicle and put the graphics right on the vehicle on the computer, so you can see exactly what the end product will look like.There is a small checklist you will want to keep in mind when having your wrap designed:
    1: List your company and/or product. You need to be sure that no matter how briefly anyone sees your car, they will be able to tell what your advertised product/company is.
    2: List a website/phone number to contact. There is no point in advertising if they cannot reach you, but note that this is as equally as important as your product/company. Self Explanatory.
    3: Draw attention to your car. Like I said above about the Pizza Pizza Pt Cruiser. Horrendous looking car, but sticks out like a sore thumb, and you would need to be blind not to notice it. There are more flattering ways to stand out then what they did, but as far as I’m concerned, they hit a home run with the attention grabbing.
  • Last but not least. Come to Econoprint, we do wraps all the time, and have posted our most recent wrap below, and are currently working on another wrap for 91.7 Giant FM, which we will be doing a video from start to finish of all the design work right into installing the graphics on the vehicle itself, so follow us on twitter, facebook, and youtube, to keep up to date. Especially if your interested in getting a wrap.




The above pictures you will see a trailer that we did for our customer Fatty Mac Barbecue, they make the most delicious food out of this 20 foot trailer, on Stanley Ave in Niagara Falls and I recommend visiting them. They do competition barbecuing, so you know its good, and to top it off you can buy all there sauces to even use at home. HIGH HIGH recommendations for anyone in the area to pay them a visit@FattyMacBB

7 Secrets to Success – Founder of Amazon.com

What can be said about a man like this? Someone who dared to build the everything store, and accomplished it quite well. Jeff Bezos’ is well known for his peculiar approach to business which has allowed him to come out ahead.


   From the things that others would call HUGE mistakes like largely ignoring profit margins(and mostly getting away with it) to small ones like starting meetings with some communal reading. To say the least Jeff Bezos’ founder of Amazon.com, doesn’t do things the usual way.

“Recently on his blog current Microsoft employee and former private equity fund partner Tren Griffin suggested you go straight to the source, helpfully combing through Bezos’ public utterances for valuable nuggets of wisdom.”

“Inc.com reached out to ask if we could round up a few of the quotes he unearthed.”

   So here they are the quotes that Jessica Stillman from Inc.com rounded up for publication from Tren Griffin on Jeff Bezos’ and his peculiar methods to dominating the business world.

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